National Health Solutions is a full-service product distribution company. From supplying leads to customer service, NHS integrates solutions from our call-center in a box model that’s proven success since 2006.

National Health Solutions

A Staple In the Health Insurance Marketplace.

For the last decade, National Health Solutions has maintained relationships with the most trusted and reliable carriers in the U.S. Whether you’re looking for better payouts on prescription and dental products or you’re getting started with our trusted and proven business model, NHS helps you build and maintain your book of business.

As a business owner, you receive every platform necessary for product distribution:

  • Real-Time Leads, Exclusive Leads, & Live Transfers
  • Cutting Edge Technology & Dialer Systems
  • CRM Management & Technical Support
  • Sales Training & Product Training
  • Recruiting, HR, & Payroll Services
  • Retention & Billing Services

Who Is NHS?

NHS is a full-service product distribution company supplying every platform necessary for health insurance brokerage firms to lower cost per acquisitions and increase profitability.

Why Choose NHS?

Nearly 44 million American’s are without health insurance. NHS’s model enables call-center owners to venture into the sales world with products yielding the highest commissions in the health insurance industry. NHS’s executive team is comprised of business owners with hands-on sales and product distribution experience. Understanding the challenges business owners face, NHS has developed a proven system focusing on:

Commissions – paying out on the front and back ends
Products – from reliable carriers
Marketing – real-time, exclusive and live transfer leads
Services – maintaining and growing your book of business
Training – by expert-level sales pros
Technology – advanced dialer systems contributing to lower CPA’s

What Is NHS’s Vision?

National Health Solutions is committed to delivering products from the highest-ranking carriers, cutting-edge technology, the absolute best quality leads, and
proven sales approaches to health insurance agents nationwide; by paying the best comps and implementing results oriented approaches, NHS provides every arm necessary for business owners to make 7 figures within their first 12-18 months of product distribution.

How Do I Get Started Selling Products With NHS?

Most companies focus on products paying $400p/sale. NHS focuses on products paying $600+ and residuals, providing comps on both the front and back ends.

Contact us today to start receiving the highest paid comps in the health insurance industry

What Services Does NHS Provide?

Experienced professionals serve as support for you and your business with:

– Exclusive, Real-Time Leads & Live Transfers
– Cutting Edge Technology & Dialer Systems
– CRM Management & Technical Support
– Sales Training & Product Training
– Recruiting, HR, & Payroll Services
– Retention & Billing Services

Whether you need to decrease lead volume, add products on your sales floor, or ask questions related to your dialer system, NHS delivers solutions for day-to-day production.

What Carriers Does NHS Work With?

NHS is appointed and contracted with most of the major, A-Rated carriers.

How Do I Purchase Leads from NHS?

New buyers receive free leads! NHS provides real-time, exclusive, and live transfer leads. For information on purchasing leads

What Is NHS’s Call-Center In A Box Model?

NHS’s call-center in a box model is made of several key components:

– Leads
– Training
– Products
– Technology
– Recruiting
– Contracts
– Human Resources
– Customer Service
– Payroll
– Retention
– Billing
– Compliance
– Relationships Management

Where Is NHS Located?

NHS is a nationwide company. Our corporate offices are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Why Are NHS’s Commissions So Much Higher?

By having branded white-label products and keeping a diversified portfolio, NHS has been able to keep focus on quality products paying upwards of 80% in commissions. NHS has been working with top-rated carriers in the U.S. for 9 years. By having established relationships with these carriers, NHS has been able to negotiate the best contracts available for health insurance product distribution, enabling NHS’s clients to receive the highest commissions in the industry.

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Build Your Business<br />
Better Residuals<br />
The Right Model
Get Started Now

Build Your Business
Better Residuals
The Right Model

Build your book of business with support from established pros. NHS delivers all platforms for your call-center to turn profit quickly, with net profits doubling each year in business.

Leads & Products<br />
Lower CPA’s<br />
Better Comps
A Smooth Transition

Leads & Products
Lower CPA’s
Better Comps

Add products to your portfolio and increase your profit margins with the best contracts from A-Rated Carriers. NHS focuses on products that pay heavy front and backend commissions.